Adam 2 Months

Adam 2 Months

Our little boy is now 10lbs 5oz. and 22”. He is still wearing his newborn clothes, but not for much longer. He gained a lot of weight this month, but didn’t get that much longer, so he now has a cute baby double chin. 

He is smiling and playing so much more these days. Especially when I sing to him when he is getting his diaper changed. 

We are getting to know his habits so much better and that is making for happier and easier days for both parents and baby. 

His head control is getting so much better and he loves when I stand him up so he can look around and bounce. 

He started sleeping in his own room recently. We began putting him to bed at 8:00 and his crib was the best place for the monitor. So far it is best for everyone. We all are sleeping so much better. But he still comes into our bed around 5AM or 6AM while we pass the time before his 7AM feeding.

It is just so surreal that he is even in our lives and that he is already 2 months old!