Adam 4 Months

Adam 4 Months

12 lbs. 13 oz. and 24.5” tall 

Adam’s biggest accomplishment this month was the discovery of his feet! It is so cute to watch him grab his toes and roll around.

Our little boy is chatting up a storm these days with lots of baby babbling. 

He lifts his head pretty well when on his tummy. But only tolerates tummy time for about 2 minutes before having a meltdown. 

He still hates when we sit and hold him. So we constantly have to be standing, walking and showing him new things or we get a pretty big earful. 

The majority of the time we have quite a happy little boy who has been smiling, laughing and giggling. 

He loves Hops and get a huge smile while getting puppy kisses. 

Adam is still waking up at least once a night for a quick feeding at around 3AM. But he goes to bed between 7PM and 8PM most nights without issue. Some mornings we even get to sleep past 8AM.