Adam 5 Months

Adam 5 Months

13lbs 10oz and  25.5” tall

He is still very interested in his feet and can now occasionally get them in his mouth. He is on the verge of rolling over. Tummy time is still his personal hell and he seems to have no interest in crawling.

He started using a little walker to scoot around the house. He always wanted to be standing when ever we were holding him, so my mom suggested one of these. It was an instant hit! Before he could fully move himself forward he was backing up across the living room and just happy to be playing with the toys attached to the tray while stretching his legs. Gradually he figured it out and now he’s a little pro running after us into the kitchen and everywhere. Marco has since adjusted the stickers so it is badged like a BMW. 

First solid foods this month too. We’ve been giving him rice cereal to get him used to a spoon and have his little belly ready to digest something other than breast milk. The first food we tried was avocado. He hated it. Next on the list was sweet potatoes. He loves them. He opens his mouth super wide and sticks his tongue out for each spoonful. More recently we tried bananas. Also a great success. 

Adam is quickly becoming a sweet, curious, very happy little boy. He is gentle when petting Hops, he loves to be outside, he is starting to enjoy books, and he gets the giggles when he thinks we are going to tickle his belly.