Adam 6 Months

Adam 6 Months

14lbs. 7oz.  26” tall

This month it has felt like everything changed. It is very clear that Adam is no longer an infant. He has moved beyond the kicking little baby that could only lay around on his back. Now he is rolling over and reaching for toys, sleeping on his side, and sitting up with help. He can sit in his high chair and play with toys.

The most important change is that he is finally sleeping through the night more often then he isn’t. It is wonderful! Marco and I are so much happier now that we are getting a full night of sleep most nights. 

Our little boy has started to growl and make soft B sounds, followed by a lot of spit. He seems like he is testing out some newly discovered tongue and lip configurations.

He has no trouble with new foods and seems to like everything we give him.

Adam LOVES Hops. Whenever Hops is around, he can’t keep his eyes off of him.