Adam 7 Months

Adam 7 Months

17lbs. 27”

This month our little boy gained some mobility. He can roll over like a pro and has started the beginnings of crawling. Although he is still unable to get to a sitting position on his own, he can balance while sitting up pretty well now. But we still have the occasional face-plant into the rug.  

He is very curious about objects around the house and has begun reaching for EVERYTHING. When he “drives” around in his walker, he gets into a lot of trouble and we keep finding more and more things we need to move out of his reach. There have been more than a few occasions when our backs were turned and Adam ends up with something in his mouth, be it papers, dish towels, BBQ brushes, etc. 

Under motherly advice from my Mom, we set up little “baby traps” around the house so he can reach for approved objects that will keep him occupied and out of trouble. Works so far, but he is already getting bored of the usual things and I need to change them up pretty soon. 

He is laughing a lot more at things we do or noises we make. He especially loves laughing at our dog Hops. There are a few more letter noises added to his baby talk vocabulary. We continue to campaign for first word: Momma or Dadda. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being “Hops”. 

He is sleeping wonderfully 12+ hours a night with two great naps during the day. When he wakes up in the morning we can still squeeze a bit of a low-key wake ups for ourselves since he plays in his crib for quite a while before demanding to be set free. 

He’s had a few fussy days that we think may be related to teething, but still no little tooth breakthroughs. 

He had meat for the first time this month: right around Thanksgiving, we gave him “Turkey Dinner” baby food. Eating has been great. He likes almost everything we give him. But he was very confused and put off by the little mashed potatoes he had at Thanksgiving dinner. He gave us some really sour faces. I think it was a texture thing.

We are still in a bit of disbelief that we have a 7 month old bopping around the house. Does it ever stop being amazing to watch them grow? I hope not.