Everything's About to Change

We can no longer continue this radio silence. After months of trying to keep info off the internets, I’m just bursting to announce that Marco and I are going to be parents!

I’m pregnant!

That feels so great to say out loud. I’ve been carefully not posting much of anything, worried that I would let something slip before we were ready to tell the world. I’m 13 weeks and a few days in. Baby Arment is due around April 28th 2012. We had a big checkup last week and were told everything looks super healthy and right on schedule.

I’ve been so anxious to ask questions on my favorite babyblogs and get all of the modern mommy tricks and tips. So please pass along any bits on the best places to get cool baby/pregnant-lady things.

I’m going to be sharing all my pregnancy and baby stuff right here on this blog. Since this is a place where I talk about my life, I didn’t think I needed to create a separate place to talk about the baby.

(I’ll still be posting lots of Hops photos. We know he’s going to love a new sticky baby.)