I think the experiences of shopping for books, owning books, and reading books just aren’t the same without those tiny differences in font, paper quality and type, and cover design.  I even have a problem with the Advanced Readers Copies I get from work (at a bookstore) because they almost all have the same font and layout so none of them have any personality.  I think a big part of falling in love with a book is the relationship you have with it on a physical level.  I’ll have to stick with my good old fashioned physical book for now, but I definitely think the Kindle has promise.

Just a Little Squinkling 

I completely agree with you. I do miss the character of reading from a book. Although, for a book I’m only reading with half intetested curiosity and not having to carry a heavy book on a plane, I’m loving the Kindle. But I will never give up my hard cover books when it comes to something I’m really into reading.