Missed my Window


On the commute in this morning, for some reason I noticed this one guy in my section of the subway car. I definitely noticed him when he was also in the next train car that I had transferred to, and REALLY noticed him when he was in the same elevator as me at the office.

Wow. There was a time when it would’ve been awkward to acknowledge this and talk to him, when it wouldn’t have been, and when talking would’ve made it only more awkward.

There is a guy that I see almost everyday now.  I began noticing him along different sections of my commute.  Now I see him on my metro north train, I see him in grand central, we take the S-train together, part ways at 42nd street ( I think he walks and I take the A-C-E).  Then we meet up again in my building on 8th and 37th and ride the elevator together.  I’ve never said anything to him. I tried smiling once but he didn’t react.  His stoic geek beard could have been blocking his response.  Now it’s really awkward.