My Annual Pilgrimage to Vintage Mecca

Heading to Brimfield this weekend for some crazy vintage stuff collecting. I try to go every year with my family, but last year I couldn’t go. This year I’m back and ready for the acres of dealers! I’m especially excited to finally be able to shop for furniture for our house. I was always space restricted before, but now with numerous empty rooms, I’m free to hunt.

Normally for something like this I would love to bring my camera and come back with a polished blog post of photos, but the added weight would really limit my antique hauling capacity, it usually rains, and most vendors don’t like their booths photographed. So I will try to stealthily capture my favorite parts of the weekend via iPhone and put together something fun when I get back on Monday.

A few things I’ll be searching for:

  • Fireking bakeware
  • Mason Jars
  • Old Mirrors
  • Vintage full slips
  • Cool purses and accessories
  • Furniture — whatever strikes my fancy
  • Silver-plated flatware