Places I Will Miss in Park Slope: Brownstone-Lined Streets

I will never stop seeing brownstone and limestone homes as a piece of beautiful history. Their ornate stone steps, intricate iron work, patinated elements, curved windows, and creeping ivy create a warmth unlike anywhere else I’ve ever lived. There was a moment when Marco and I first moved to Park Slope that we fantasized about buying a full brownstone, specifically on 3rd Street. Homes like this aren’t built anymore; walking down these historic streets, past these stoic buildings, makes me think about the lives of the people who were around when they were built. I am proud that they are still maintained and restored by people who recognize the importance of preserving history.

With the narrow streets and cars parked along every inch, it is difficult to completely capture the beauty of these streets. But hopefully these will highlight some of my favorite little details that make Park Slope homes lovely and unique.