Places I Will Miss in Park Slope: La Bagel Delight

We have yet to find a really great bagel place in Westchester. So after we move I’ll be dreaming about La Bagel Delight and their hand-rolled bagels that come directly from the oven and into your bag. When the bagels are still warm after you get them home, that’s a sign of greatness.

They aren’t the best deli, but their bagels are divine. Crispy but soft in all the right places. And the seed distribution, especially on the everything bagel, is perfection.  

My current favorite combination is a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with scallion cream cheese. Don’t judge; just imagine the salty/sweet symphony of flavor.

After our continued weekend breakfast trips here, it became a house rule to never return home without a cappuccino muffin for breakfast-dessert.