Planting Hops

Since we bought our house and now have a yard, Marco has been wanting to plant something fun in our garden. Finally this past week, the supplier started shipping to our zone and Marco quickly placed an order. Here is what we will be growing:

"I got three each of the Hallertauer, Cascade, and Zeus varieties for a wide range of flavors and bitterness levels. I’m not planning to brew my own beer, although who knows what I’ll decide when these eventually produce the edible parts, but I love the flavor even by itself, and I figured I’d plant something potentially useful here instead of some bullshit flowers." -Marco

Now hopefully we will have hops vines growing up our fence in the back yard. Hops the puppy also seemed to enjoy being outside with the family as we planted his namesake. (Although he had to be tied to a brick since our yard is not fenced in yet.)

Plants from High Hops