The Book I Borrowed

 I found this in my documents folder, and I can’t remember where it came from.  I think I wrote this, but just in case I didn’t-if anyone recognizes it, please tell me where it is from.

I think one of the best things to do in the morning before an evening show is to take a shower and then lay backwards in bed in my underwear, listen to my music on shuffle and read a good book.  There is something about the random music that you get to hear songs you have never heard before, but yet you own.  But I hate when a song comes on that just pulls you completely out of your book to say what the hell is this crap?  But I always long for the opposite, for a mysterious random soundtrack that perfectly complements what I’m reading

  And being in your underwear always makes me feel sexy even though no one is around.  The best book to be reading at this time is a borrowed book. Something someone told you that you just have to read, or you’ll like this. Because you can just think.. I’m reading your book in my underwear and you have no idea. SO here you are sitting in your underwear all clean and rested because you woke up at 11:30 without an alarm.  That is also key to the enjoyment of this morning, no alarm.  Even though I immensely enjoy the alone time of this experience, I always long for someone else to be with me, also reading in their underwear.  We don’t need to say anything, just feeling sexy reading in our underwear.