The Western Conifer Seed Bug

My brother got it! A perfect match.  He’s studying horticulture at SUNY Delhi.  I’m so proud of him.

Wiki Confirms:

The western conifer seed bugLeptoglossus occidentalis, sometimes abbreviated as WCSB, is a species of true bug (Heteroptera) in the family Coreidae.

This species is sometimes colloquially called "the leaf-footed bug", but actual leaf-footed bugs are an entire group of species in Leptoglossus and related genera of the Coreidae.

Western conifer seed bugs are sometimes mistakenly identified as Stink bugs due to the unpleasant aroma they emit when disturbed.

In the northern parts of its range, these bugs start to move about widely by September or so to seek crevices for overwintering; they may become a nuisance in areas with extensive conifer woods as they will sometimes enter houses in considerable numbers.