We're Moving! Again!

Yup. We’re moving again. Our lease is up and we’re running back to greener pastures. We tried being city people for a year and it never felt like home. As boring as it may seem to some, we are suburban people. We don’t go out to bars, we don’t stay out late, and we aren’t hipsters with bikes. What we like to do can be done without the premium rent and noisy streets. We leave the city often, and fighting our way past the constant barricade of traffic and construction has really taken its toll on us. As Marco describes it, every day is full of little annoyances that quickly add up and make people tense and hostile: the constant honking, the impatience, and the impracticality of everyday tasks. We can’t blame the people for the way they act because we understand it, but we can escape it. One year was enough for us. We’re glad we tried living the city life, otherwise we would always wonder if we should have given it a chance.  

We fell in love with Park Slope in the spring. But that was such a tease. Once winter came, the charm was gone, and we realized what sissies we really were. I now have a greater respect for city people in the winter. Now we’re saying goodbye in the spring, just as the weather is warming up and the flowers are blooming. When the snow was falling, I was ready to pack up and move out. Now I’m a little reluctant to be leaving during this time when everyone comes out into the warming sun and becomes a community again. But not ten minutes after that thought, when the incessant horn honking erupts, and I get that fire in my chest that makes me want to blow up the world, I am reminded that those little annoyances add up quickly.

For our remaining time here I’ll be focusing on the things and places we will miss. And in the coming weeks, I’ll be taking advantage of what we have here in Park Slope. It’s a nice place to visit, but we don’t want to live here anymore.