While you were sleeping

-Marco and I were on a train that hit 2 people

-We were stuck on the train without ventilation for 3+ hours 

-At least one of the bodies was removed from directly below our train car

-We were evacuated to a rescue train in the middle of the tracks

What a night. At least we were together and had Twitter, Tumblr, Instapaper and Plants Vs. Zombies to keep us occupied.

The MTA crew was amazing at keeping us informed and calm. I feel the worst for the train driver. I doubt it was an accident because the tracks are completely fenced off from society. The people had to be on the tracks knowing they would die. The rumor was that two men were running from the cops and got hit. But come on, trains are on tracks that are very obvious. Step five feet to the right and you’re clear from danger; and certainly you can see and feel one coming.  

Update: NYPD Daily Blotter and Gothamist