Whoa! There's a Baby in our House.

I’ve been pretty neglectful of my pregnancy updates for the past month. I have two weeks of unedited belly photos on deck for a post (now posted), but the days just kept flying by as we busied ourselves getting the house ready before baby Arment’s arrival. Not only are we trying to finish a major home renovation that has been in the works since last summer, but we were cramming in all those last minute baby things. Preparing the nursery, taking a baby CPR class, interviewing pediatricians, the list goes on. 

As the final weeks continued to slip through our fingers, Marco and I would ask baby, “please don’t come before we can _____.” Our last plea was for him to wait until we took the CPR class. Well, less than 12 hours after that class, I started having contractions at 4AM Sunday April 22. He was a week early. We instantly forgot about all the other things we needed to do and were just so happy we were going to be meeting our son so soon. 

After 24 hours of natural labor, Adam John Arment was born at 4:04 AM Monday April 23rd. He was 5lbs 12oz, 18” long and perfect! In the first photo he is only 21 minutes old. 

Today he is a week old. We’ve had a busy week of visitors while getting to know our beautiful son. There have already been more little joys this past week than I can possibly count. The most recent was just last night he slept almost 5 hours! which means Mommy & Daddy also slept almost 5 hours straight!

Our tiny little boy is swimming in even the smallest newborn clothes, he has the most expressive face, has been fantastic at nursing, sleeps best next to Mommy, and loves listening to Phish with Daddy.  We are truly in love.