33 & 34 Weeks

Weeks 33 & 34

These two weeks have gone by so quickly. We’ve been super busy getting ready for baby Arment and trying to get our house back together in time. (We’ve been doing some remodeling.) 

In these weeks we’ve had our final baby class, taken a yoga for birth class, interviewed a pediatrician, had a prenatal appointment, had a doula meeting, picked out our stroller and some nursery items, got furniture delivered…the list just goes on.

But week 34 ended with the most fun part about being pregnant for the first time: my baby shower! My mom threw me a fantastic baby shower this weekend. I’ll be making a whole separate post about it in the next few days.

As far as belly and baby news, nothing really to report for either week. Just a lot of the same feelings as my belly slowly expands. I may be getting a little waddle as I walk and walking up hills leave me a little out of breath. The warmest days last week caused me to stop being able to wear my wedding ring. My swollen fingers made my rings get stuck, so I’d rather not wear them than have them cut off if the swelling doesn’t go away. But I’m still having relatively normal days, walking Hops in the morning, doing some crafty projects for the baby, dealing with contractors, and enjoying time with Marco going out to dinner once or twice a week.